Raised in middle Tennessee native artist Denise Kline's relationship with art was born from near disaster. In 1998 a close encounter with death left her facing a two year recovery. Not one to cope with boredom, as soon as she was able to drive again, she began art classes with Jim Jones in Manchester

TN.  Jones was a master of values and what an education he provided! He opened the door to the art world and Denise was convinced God had brought art into her life for a purpose.


After several years Denise found herself in Portland TN. Recovery was behind her and she began painting classes with David Gillihan. Looking for additional instruction in portraiture Denise searched and found Christy Pilkinton which proved to be as Ms. Pilkinton describes....a divine journey.

Under the tutelage of Ms. Pilkinton, Denise honed her skills and found her passion for pastel and the human face. She delighted in creating mood, feeling, and seeing dimension and life begin to form under her very hands.


In 2014 the ghost of that old health issue surfaced again and left Denise home bound once more, only this time she was told there was no cure. She found herself asking many questions. Why did this happen? Why would she learn all of this and be confined  so often to a chair? Out of necessity Denise began to develop her skills with charcoal, and minimal pastel on toned paper, after all...pastels and oil in a reclining position was quite difficult. The new direction was successful and she experienced much gratification in her new found medium, the one she had watched come to life many times under Ms. Pilkinton's careful and professional hands.


As the commissions came in and Denise found solace in her art, questions still nagged her thoughts. Then one very quiet day the answer came. She remembered Jeremiah 29: 11.....For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Although her physical future is limited she knows there is no limit to what God can do when He grants the gift and He directs the "divine journey".